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Easy Fundraising Ideas

Colleen’s Annual 28th B’Earthday Bash!

2. Send a CHECK

Make a check payable to “House with Heart” and mail it to:

House with Heart

151 First Ave, #74

New York, NY  10003

Please indicate “Colleen’s b’Earthday” in the memo line.


Namaste, and thanks for coming to my 2018 party!

Once again, I’m asking friends & family to donate to House with Heart in celebration of my b’Earthday on the 28th of January. Many of you know, in years past I have encouraged a $28 donation to honor my turning 28 on the 28th. And that, of course is still an option if you’re in favor of continuing the charade of my turning 28 every year.

This year, in the name of truthtelling, I’m offering another option based on my true age. This year I turn 62 years old and so offer you an opportunity to donate $62. This option will not only help children, it will serve to keep me honest.

And this year, all donations will be earmarked to support the education tuition costs that we incur for our 27 children and also for another 15+ children outside our home who would otherwise be unable to attend school.

Colleen during a visit to Nepal pictured with Shobhita.

The House with Heart Story, a Commitment to Education

In 2001, our founder, Beverly Bronson found two children, Krishna and Babu aged five and two, huddled in front of a tin hut after being abandoned by their mother. She took them in, started House with Heart (then known as Ghar Sita Mutu), and now today, we are on our second generation of children. We currently have 27 children in our home.

From the moment Beverly opened House with Heart’s doors, she understood that in addition to providing a loving and safe home environment for the children who come under her guardianship under desperate circumstances, the key to turning their lives around for the long-term would be through education. Education—for children and women in the community—is unquestionably at the core of all HwH programs. I ask you to join me in our commitment.


1. Donate ONLINE via a credit card or PayPal:

Your gift is fully

deductible in the U.S.

For you first-timers partygoers, please check out this short video—a heartwarming overview of what House with Heart is, how it got started, & the tremendous work that goes on there. You can also visit this website page for more information about our programs.

Many thanks,


The children are ready to begin the school day.

Marsang’s Story

Left: Marsang in the rubble of the 2015 earthquake. Her mother bravely rescued her from their small house, throwing the child out of the house just before it collapsed and killed her.

Right: Marsang has dealt well with her trauma, and fit easily into the House with Heart family.

Thank you,