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Spring Fundraiser

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Our Spring Fundraiser  has sprung

and our family is growing!

Please help plant $30,000

to support our programs!  

We need to raise funds

to run our programs this year.

Donate Now

OR mail a check made

out to “House with Heart”:

House with Heart

151 First Ave, #74

New York, NY 10003

$25     Provides a child’s school uniform and shoes                       s

$35     Buys a water filter                                                              

$50     Feeds or educates a child for a month                                   h

$75     Buys educational toys, books, & outings for one              child for a year

$90     Provides routine medical care for a year                           r   

$150   Clothes a child for a year  

$180   Pays one woman to take sewing training                      g    

$350   Gives a laptop computer to an older child for school

$600   Sponsors a child’s food or schooling for a year                r  $1200 Sponsors a child’s food and schooling for a year

$1500 Cultivates our vegetable garden & rice paddy for a year

$2500 Funds a year of local university education

Increase your donation

with your employer’s Matching Gift fund!