Our Programs

Our Programs

Children's Home


House with Heart (HwH) provides a warm and loving family atmosphere for up to 30 children by providing nutritious meals, education, enrichment activities and healthcare.

We raise the children with the expectation that they will seek higher education and give back to their community.

The family celebrates Dashain (Left)

Littlest girls set off to school

Dil Babu helps Sujita learn the sarange

Welcoming new baby Abhaya

Women’s Training Program

We offer classes in felt-making, sewing and other crafts to women, some of whom, in turn, are paid for making craft items that are marketed in the US and UK. This provides women with a means to supplement their income.

Our program teaches women to learn new skills for growth and self-sufficiency, leading some women to open their own small business. We provide micro-loans and/or gifts of used sewing machines. We serve about 75 women per year.

Women sewing with the kids (Right)

Sewing in action...

One of our sewing machines

Women Hand Sewing

Free medical care (above) is provided

both onsite and offsite.

Family Outreach Program

We provide both emergency and non-emergency

help to families in need.

  • Emergency medical help.
  • A Mother-Child Wellness Centre.
  • Distribution of used clothing.
  • New shoes for children.
  • Optician fees and glasses for women and children.
  • Water filters to prevent illness.
  • Household necessities for families in need.
  • Vegetables from our garden to staff, trainees and local children.
  • Clean water from our home for women trainees who carry it home with them.

Developmentally disabled baby Laxmi (left), who lives in the neighborhood, comes to House with Heart for loving attention and therapy. 

Rise Above helps girls 11 & older to stay in school & excel in their studies (above)

Rise Above - Empowering Nepalese Girls


Rise Above is a holistic, multi-year program for girls and young women aged 11-25 that provides education and skills training leading to self-sufficiency and economic independence. It targets impoverished girls who are at high risk of dropping out of school, and provides skills training and college scholarships.

Rise Above addresses the obstacles young girls face in Nepalese culture, where education for girls is not highly valued, particularly in impoverished families. Girls are often put to work at an early age to help earn an income for the family. Rise Above combats the cultural forces that lead to early marriage, employment exploitation and human/sex traffic.

Studying hard

Morning meditation

Group of our older girls

Children’s Learning Centre

The Centre provides free schooling and tutoring for children whose families cannot afford to send them to school. We teach them basic literacy and provide a path to attend a full-time school. Our students are primarily the children of women who work in the nearby carpet factories and/or participate in our Women’s Training Program. The students also receive clothing, shoes and regular medical check-ups with our nurse.

We also provide scholarships, school supplies and uniforms to students in the community who attend full-time schools. Over the past 10 years, we have placed 17 students in schools and have made a long-term commitment to fund their education.

Students in the Children’s Learning Centre (Above)

One of the littlest girls in the

Learning Centre

Chlldren playing with the products

we make

Children Dancing